Welcome to PayneFitness Health & Wellness

At PayneFitness Health & Welllness, we are passionately committed to helping you adapt to, execute and have a sustained healthier lifestyle to help you look better, improve functionality and prevent "avoidable", onset diseases.

Our methods are based on physiological facts that will achieve sustained, chronic health improvements, fat reduction and muscle maintenance and gains. This happens with consistent vigorous exercise that builds muscle, burns fat and improves health vital signs such as blood pressure, resting heart rate and acute blood glucose levels to name a few. As it pertains to nutrition we know that acute high levels of blood glucose levels promotes body fat storage and low acute blood glucose leads to MUSCLE loss.

We believe that everyone can benefit from seeing a wellness professional multiple times per week or as little as once a month. PayneFitness has the objective of empowering participants with education. Seeing your wellness professional will keep you from wasting precious time on invalid methods and keep you focused and working towards your goals.

Goals For PayneFitness Participants

  • Prevent & Reverse Avoidable Diseases & Deteriorating Conditions Such As:

    • Type 2 Diabetes
    • High Blood Pressure
    • Osteoporosis
    • Arthritis
    • Stroke
    • Unhealthy Levels of Bad Blood Cholesterol
    • Some Forms of Cancer

  • Lose Weight, Improve Body Fat Percentage, Muscle & Strength Gains:

    • Reduce Weight of Body Fat
    • Increase Muscle Tone, Sculpting & Strength
    • Reduce Dress & Trouser Size
    • Look Better, Boost Self-Esteem
    • Increase Stamina & Endurance
    • Increase Functionality

Why Do Many Struggle To Sustain Health & Fitness Imrovements?

Studies indicate that 75% of people that exercise are not getting desired results. But, out of the 25% of people that are getting results 90% of those people are working with a fitness professional. PayneFitness helps participants achieve and define manageable results by addressing the following.

  • Education is essential to successfully reduce body fat, tone-up, improve health and reduce risk of preventable disease and deterioration. It's key to understand WHY vigorous exercise and fitness nutrition makes you healthier, look better and perform better.

  • Motivation, Accountability & Instruction are essential to help people that are struggling with or that are interested in improving their health and fitness. Without instruction and guidance many people spin their wheels, don't get results, don't get a routine quit and continue to deteriorate.

  • Exercise is essential to long term improved health, fat reduction and improved aesthetics. Many people from all walks of life are not connecting the dots between improved health, fat reduction and exercise. Everyone can have an exercise program that successfully improves their state of fitness and looks.

  • Nutrition habits that support health improvements and better looks can be tricky due to the fact that one has to know what to do, why they are doing it and have the motivation and support to KEEP doing it! This does not mean that a person cannot eat things they like, it's how you quantify and time eating the things you like.

We Help People Reduce Fat, Improve Health & Avoid Deterioration

PayneFitness provides the valuable services to assist you in achieving your fitness and health goals. At PayneFitness there is no sugar coating the truth, we take a straight forward, physiology based approach to improving your looks and health. Our services are designed to get you to the next level

  • Corporate Wellness Program All inclusive program to address the Nutritional, Exercise and Education aspects of Health Improvement and Fat loss. Execute Fitness training, Nutrition Coaching and Progress monitoring.

  • Group Fitness Training Attend Group Fitness Training at Paynefitness. Affordable method of vigorous anaerobic and aeorobic fitness training for results. Each participant receives fitness training in accordance with their capabilities and goals.

  • Nutrition Coaching Learn the physiology of human digestion. Learn to identify carbohyrdates, proteins and Fats. Learn how they behave differently in digestion. Create a meal plan in accordance with YOUR needs. Track progress bi-weekly or monthly.

  • Personal Fitness Training 1 on 1 or tandem fitness training for health improvements, fat reduction, muscle maintenance/gains & functionality improvements. Instruction to ensure that you are getting the most of your exercise efforts with minimized risk of injury.

The PayneFitness Facility is Private, Spacious & Commercial Strength

  • Private, Non-Intimadating Environment PayneFitness is a Private Fitness Training Only facility. There are not strangers randomly hanging out in the gym. Everyone knows each other. This is a mellow, non-intimidating environment BUT, everyone GETS their work DONE!

  • Commercial Strength Equipment, Plenty of Floor Exercise Space and Outdoors Exercise The PayneFitness Training Facility has wide shoulders. We have a wide range of training equipment and area that ensures plenty of options to execute full body fitness training for most levels of fitness.