To Help People Avoid & Reverse Preventable Onset Diseases & Age Gracefully By:

  • Educating & Raising Awareness of why & how vigorous exercise make a healthier heart!
    The foundation of good health is your heart. Regardless to one's current condition, there are exercise routines that EVERYONE can execute to improve their heart health.

  • Educating & Raising Awareness of how to eat for better health.
    The key to eating for a healthy heart, energy and strength is to manage your blood glucose levels. This does not neccessarily mean ONLY eating rice cakes and brussel sprouts. It's not realistice to expect most people to totally cut out their favorite treats, but rather to keep it to a minimal and to eat them in conjuction with foods that help with glucose management.

  • Reaching out and getting to the previously Health and Fitness "non-compliant"
    Successfully converting a previously health & fitness "non-compliant" person is truly the passion of PayneFitness. There is absolutely no reason that people should become deplilitated and suffer loss of functionilty due to years of ignoring health, fitness and nutrition. The PayneFitness environment is mellow and accomodating to make people that perhaps have not spent much time in a fitness training facility comfortble and feel that they have the opportunity to procure health and fitness success.