Corporate Wellness Programs

Skyrocketing Health Care Costs are a Serious Concern for American Employers. Many American Employees are Not Maintaining or Improving their Health & Fitness. A Comprehensive Corporate Wellness Program Will:

  • Serve as the Catalyst to Reduce American Employer's Health Care & Insurance Cost

  • Serve as the Catalyst to Improve the Health & Wellness of American Employees

Poor Employee Health, Wellness & Fitness Cause a Drag on Profits

  • 50% of a corporations health care cost are derived from lifestyle factors and employee behaviors that are coachable for improvement and cost reduction

  • General Motors spent 5.6 Billion in medical cost in 2005 which was 40% more than their profit

  • Health Care premiums have increased a whopping 49% from 2004 - 2010

  • The U.S. spent over 1 Trillion dollars on Health Care Cost in 2010. This is about 16% of the Countries total GDP.

  • About 12% of total Health Care Cost is due to Obesity

  • We know that an Obese Person will typically cost a company $1,500 more per year than that of a person with a healthy body fat percentage

  • Due to the national increase in obesity, we now spend about 1 of every 5 of healthcare dollars treating type 2 diabetes which, is an avoidable, preventable disease

  • Many Workman's compensation claims and days away from work are from preventable muscle injuries

  • The University of Michigan reported that non-exercisers costed General Motors at least $100 more per year than that of employees that exercise.

Many Employees Struggle to Improve & Maintain Their Health - Why?

  • They are Busy Outside of Work - As Well

    When employees are away from work, many have hectic schedules. Outside of working hours, many people have family commitments, chores and hobbies. Then there are always "things" that come up. Many struggle to consistently allocate time required to exercise. In addition, many do not allocate enough time for meal preparation and planning to address the nutritional aspect of the equation.

  • They don’t have Adequate Support, Motivation and Accountability

    Maintaining and improving one's health and fitness is incumbent on 24/7 lifestyle choices. People need encouragement at their place of employment as well as in their personal lives if they are to sustain and improve their state of fitness. It's pretty tough to attend many social, fun events and keep ones blood glucose under control. That's to say it's tough to attend certain events when fat storing food consumption does not occur. In some instances, people come home to less than optimal nutritional circumstances. It may be inadvertent or due to lack of awareness, but it happens. When people skip workouts or totally ignore exercise, they don’t have a consistent dose of encouragement. All of these add up to slowing and preventing progress.

  • They don’t have Adequate Levels of Awareness and Education

    People can get overloaded with lots of information, data, statistics, methods and products which can have conflicting theories. Without an empirically based understanding of the basics of human physiology, people are vulnerable to barking up the wrong tree, getting fooled or they accept theories, methods and products that suits them, but are lacking the correct focus.

    The term weight loss or lose weight is used almost everywhere, it has a good intention but it is missing the main point. There is an issue with confusion. If you were stranded on a deserted island and had to hunt to eat, many would lose weight, but the first to go would be weight of muscle, then weight of body fat then eventual total deterioration. A more focused objective is to permanently reduce weight of fat and build/maintain muscle. In this way, one increases and maintains metabolic rate while reducing body fat and improving blood circulation and heart health. The higher your metabolic rate, the more fat burned when you are at rest. Many quick fix products and methods promote weight loss, however it's primarily weight loss of muscle which causes more problems when the subject stops the unsustainable method. It's amazing that so many people spend time attempting to lose weight yet there are unaware of what their body fat percentage is. One's body fat percentage is a better gauge of health and looks and is the answer to long term chronic health maintenance and improvements.

    Due to the abundance of conflicting data coming from different sources it is understandable that people are confused or sometimes give up. With exercise methods some hear do cardio, some hear do resistance, some hear do both. What is the true definition of aerobic exercise? What are its benefits? What is the true definition? of anaerobic exercise? What are its benefits? What is type 2 diabetes? What causes it? Is it simply about weight or about exercise and nutrition habits? What's insulin sensitivity about? Is your metabolism handled down from your fore fathers? There are so many questions and issues that people need the CORRECT answers to. Many people that fall for bogus products and methods are those in need of doing the RIGHT things most.

  • They Cannot Afford a Personal Fitness Professional

    Though some people employ the services of Fitness Professionals, many cannot allocate enough funds to do so. Instead, they become incumbent on advice from organizations that are primarily interested in selling them a quick fix product or they get advice from sometimes irrelevant or unqualified resources such as a co-workers friends golf partner for instance. The coaching from a qualified Fitness Professional can make a substantial difference. The correct fitness professional is not interested in pushing any particular nutritional product but more interested in teaching the subject to acutely manage blood glucose levels via adequate quantification of carbs, proteins and fats of THEIR choice. That's to say to teach the subject Empirically proven simple facts pertaining to nutrition and human digestion. The correct fitness professional will employ a wide range of exercise methods to accomplish the primary goal for all of us, which is to PERMANATELY REDUCE BODY FAT and to BUILD/MAINTAIN MUSCLE. A fitness professional educates, raises awareness, instructs, motivates and serves as a method of accountability.

  • Their Employer is Unaware that a Wellness Programs is a Win Win

    The concept of Corporate Wellness Prevention programs is still in an early adapter state. The facts are clear that investing in a Corporate Wellness program can return up to $6 for every $1 spent. In going forward with this investment to improve profits, there is the other winning aspect that employers can substantially improve the health and quality of life for their employees. It's clearly apparent that many people are deteriorating as opposed to maintaining and improving their state of health and fitness. In encompassing a program at a place in which most people spent a substantial amount of time is a win for both, employer and employee.

  • Improving and Maintaining Health is NOT Easy

    Regardless to what many have heard, the fact of the matter is that maintaining a good level of health and fitness is not easy for all. Improving one's state of physical fitness and health is even harder if the subject is currently inactive, overweight or obese. A subject that is currently unfit would need to exert more discipline, energy and requires a larger degree of lifestyle change than that of a person that is of lower body fat percentage. This is why some statistics point to the fact that once someone of unfit, overweight or obese that the odds of improvement or change are low. Which is why the statistics regarding the state of physical fitness for the country is getting worse. If maintaining and improving levels of health and fitness was easy, there would be a greater percentage of healthy and fit Americans.

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Corporate Wellness Programs Reduce Health Care Cost, Improves Employee and Company Moral and Improves Health of Employees

Employees spend much of their time at work and the culture of the workplace can have a profound affect on lifestyles. Corporate Wellness is a win win and the best application to improve the overall health of the Country and get a grip on the percentage of dollars spent on Health Care cost for an organization and GDP.

Here is Why:

  • Companies can get a $6 ROI for every $1 spent on Corporate Wellness Programs

  • Johnson & Johnson saved 38 million from 1995 - 1999 by promoting a healthier lifestyle, with the largest savings occurring after the 3 year mark.

  • Obese and Sedentary people that start a program and exercise twice per week can save a company $500 per year on health care cost

  • Companies can generally see and expect a 25% cost reduction with regard to Health Care cost, Workman’s Compensation Claims and Days away from work.

  • Companies like Waste Management, Inc. found that by simply implementing a stress management program, the company was able to save as much as $3,500 to $15,000 per participant, per year in health care claims.

  • Employee Moral improves and Employees respond to the effort in a positive manner.

  • Reducing an employee’s blood pressure can save $550 per employee per year

  • DART (days away restricted duty and transfer rate) reductions of up to 50% have been recorded with Industrial Athlete programs

  • Medical Expenses have been recorded as decreasing by $224 per employee per year after multiple years of wellness programs.

Corporate Wellness Program Modules

Different organizations can have different types of Corporate Wellness Programs. Program types can differ depending on the separate divisions within an organization as well. Corporate Wellness prevention programs are in early adaptor mode in that some prominent organizations realize the value and importance of these programs and employ them. Organizations create Wellness Programs in accordance with their needs, styles, current culture and goals. Every Wellness program can have a different level of comprehensiveness. An organizations Corporate Wellness and Prevention Program can consist of a one or more of the following areas of focus:

  • Nutrition Programs

    • Fitness Nutrition Coaching
    • The nutritional common denominator for all is to acutely manage blood glucose levels. Regardless to other aspects, when one's blood glucose is high and rapidly gets there, it promotes acute body fat storage. When a personís blood glucose is low, they get low on energy then convert MUSCLE to glucose for survival. An objective of Fitness Nutrition coaching is to teach subjects how to manage this on their own for a lifetime of managing and understanding their nutrition habits. Fitness Nutrition habits are essential for improving body fat percentage.

      • Fitness Nutrition 101 Seminar

        • Increase Knowledge of the Acute Blood Glucose Curve

        • Increase Knowledge of Human Digestion

        • Comprehend the importance of INSULIN SENSITIVITY

        • Comprehend the differences, purposes and Quantification of Carbs, Proteins and Fats

      • Meal Planning and Progress Tracking

        • Nutritional Assessment - Calculate subjects Metabolic Rate

        • Meal planning - In accordance with Metabolic Rate, Goals, Schedule & Taste

        • Learn how to "exchange" Carbs, Proteins and Fats

        • Execute weekly, bi-weekly or monthly follow-ups for progress tracking and meal plan adjustments if needed.

        • Learn to Label read and make better choices in grocery stores and restaurants.
  • Exercise Programs

    • Onsite Fitness Training
    • Having an exercise program with fitness training and instruction encompassed at the workplace is a superior benefit and advantage and will improve health and fitness for employees. Since employees are busy outside of work and they spend a great deal of time at work, having an encompassed option makes sense. People struggle with getting to their exercise destination making it easy to skip out on workouts. Skipping and inconsistent exercise does not produce much in results. The Onsite Fitness Training module will get created to suite the organizations circumstances.

      • Group Fitness Training

        Employees participating in the group Fitness Training program can look forward to personalized fitness instruction that is developed in accordance with their current capabilities and background. This is not a bootcamp mode of exercise. Each participant is interviewed prior to commencement to assist with creation of their personalized routine. Though types of exercises vary for participants, the primary focus is to build/maintain muscle, reduce body fat, improve balance, and improve functionality and reduce the risk of onset disease.

      • Special Incentive Programs

        Some people seem to respond to program names such as "biggest loser" or "90 day challenge" There are pro's and cons to these types of programs. A pro is that a previously non-compliant employee may have more interest in a competition with a title name to it. On the other hand a consideration is what happens after the contest. But, if these types of programs convert employees to change their lifestyles for the long run they can help.

      Considerations :

      • Should your organizations Training Sessions go for 1/2 or 1 hour?

      • Does your organization have a gym or space to setup and execute group fitness?

      • Will your organization give employees 15 or 30 minutes for exercise if the employee gives 15 or 30 minutes of their own time for exercise?

    • Fitness Training at PayneFitness
    • Organizations that are within a 15 minute radius of PayneFitness may want to consider having their employees participate in Fitness Training at the PayneFitness facility. Again, every Wellness program will be different. Perhaps some employees would prefer to go an offsite facility if itís feasible. Perhaps some organizations do not have an area to setup for fitness training or to buy and manage an onsite gym. Organizations that are close to PayneFitness have an opportunity to improve the health and fitness of their workforce for even greater ROI due to the fact that they wonít need to spend capitol on an in house fitness training facility.


      • Group Fitness Training

        Your organization and PayneFitness can execute group fitness training at the PayneFitness facility. The facility has large shoulders, can handle lots of people and is industrial strength. Your organization can perhaps have a morning, mid day or evening session in which your organization will have a private facility essentially to themselves and the instructor.

      • Special Memberships

        Your Organization can work with PayneFitness to create special memberships for employees at the PayneFitness facility

  • Industrial Athletic Programs
  • Industrial Athlete programs are designed to reduce injury occurrences, increase the length of careers, increase productivity and create an environment that is reduced of pain and discomfort for industrial athletes. This type of program treats industrial athletes in a similar manner as professional athletes. This is a positive program due to the fact that the quality of life is improved for the employee in addition to the organization reducing health care cost and increasing productivity.

    • Acute Warm up, Stretch and Exertion Preparation Program

      The objective of this program is to help workers prepare for their work shifts with a "stretch and warm-up" session prior to to performing job duties that require serious physical exertion. Performing physically demanding task without acute and chronic preparation would be similar to playing a game of tackle football without going through a warm up and stretch first. The odds of sustaining an injury are increased.

    • Wellness & Conditioning Program

      Due to the fact that industrial strength employees perform physically demanding work, it is optimal to ensure that the industrial athlete is in an optimal state of physical fitness. This is similar to the importance of a professional athlete being in good physical condition to perform their task. An industrial athlete program can consist of a combination of Nutrition and Fitness Training to keep the industrial athlete in an optimal state of physical fitness to perform better and increase the length of their careers free of injury and discomfort.

  • Smoking Cessation Programs

    Some Corporate Wellness and Prevention programs can include a smoking cessation module. In creation and execution of such a program an organization makes progress in changing the smoking habits of employees. For example, the program can close smoking sections, set goals, modify company policies and supply quit smoking pamphlets and classes.

  • Stress Management Programs

    Stress Management programs can help to improve the moral and reduce cost within an organization. In creation and execution of a stress management program an organization can work to create an environment that is more supportive and encouraging. An organization can increase the number the employees that visit with a site psychologist or counselor. Also, an organization can teach proper communication techniques between employees and management.

What are the Roles of Your Corporate Wellness Coach?

  • Work with your Wellness Committee to Create or Improve Your Wellness Program

    Your Corporate Wellness Coach works in conjunction with the in house Wellness Committee to create implement and execute your Wellness and prevention program. The in house Wellness Committee will have an understanding of the needs of the employee population as well as management. Together, committee and coach create a Wellness and prevention program that is suited best for the organization. In some circumstances, the Wellness Committee may know or have an idea of what they want and need but need a Coach to implement and execute. In some cases the Corporate Wellness Coach may help to recruit and assemble a Wellness Committee.

  • Work to Create a Culture of Improved Wellness Throughout the Organization

    For best results, management and employees need to feel and realize that the entire organization is supportive in efforts to improve employee wellness. Culture change can be tough and take time. Your Corporate Wellness Coach will work to change the culture by raising awareness, educating the population and creating and executing health improvement programs.

  • Increase Employee Participation, Especially from the Previously Non-Compliant

    People that are already fit are not the problem. To maximize results of your program, your Wellness Coach will work to "convert" as many employees for participation as possible. Corporate Wellness Programs are not mandatory, but can have incentives. It's your Corporate Wellness Coach's responsibility to get as many employees on board as possible.

  • Locate Outside Incentives for Your Wellness Program

    Due to the fact that Health Care and insurance related Cost are skyrocketing and deteriorating health is the primary culprit, the government and your insurance company has an interest in organizations implementing wellness and prevention programs to reduce cost. There are incentives offered by the government and insurance carriers if organizations take advantage of and employ preventative measures.

  • Spend time with employee participants in instruction and motivation

    Most people need a constant dose of motivation, accountability and instruction to improve. Your Corporate Wellness Coach will use skills to instruct and motive employees to assure that they keep focused and on track with regard to their health, wellness and fitness improvement efforts.

How Long Before Savings and Results?

Similar to improving health and fitness at an individual level, it will take time to notice savings and results at the organizational level as well. It is analogous to turning the rudder on a big ship freightliner. One turns the rudder, keeps it turned and the ship will follow. Most organizations will notice that savings and cost reduction can start during the 2nd year. In addition, future cost savings are incumbent on which type of programs your organization implements. As a true life example, we know that the substantial contributor of exploding health care and insurance cost is the fact that many employees have non existent or invalid exercise and bad nutrition habits. This means that if your program puts the top priority and focus on fitness instruction and fitness nutrition coaching your organization may reduce cost sooner and reduce more cost as opposed to different program options.

The speed and depth of ROI is also incumbent on the comprehensiveness of a Wellness and Prevention program. For an example, for years, many organizations have been offering discounts and incentives with gym memberships. This mode may not produce a RAPID ROI or change the health much for your employee population due to a few reasons: *) Working out with Fitness Instruction and "going to the gym" can have substantially different results. Many people "go to the gym" but don’t get much done. *) Many, many people have gym memberships but don’t go and are in a state of deteriorating health. *) People that are chronically unfit generally avoid public gyms. It's a fact that people have a better chance of improving their health and wellness with the aid of an instructor as opposed to attempting to go at it alone.

What about Liability Issues?

Corporate Wellness Programs are voluntary for employees. One objective is to improve the quality of lives for employees as it pertains to Health and Wellness in addition to reducing cost associated with coachable behavior changes. The first line of defense is for PayneFitness to know the participants current state of physical fitness and previous circumstances to develop a program with routines that are in accordance with their current capabilities. In addition, instruct participants in a safe and efficient manner. There is a release of liability between the participants and Paynefitness via Health questionnaires, letters of agreement, Medical Releases and release of liability. Again, participants understand that we are trying to help and that the program is voluntary. Organizations will typically also have a liability release between the employee and employer.

How Do We Get Started?

  • Schedule and Have Meeting Between Wellness Representative and PayneFitness

    In this meeting we discuss your organizations circumstances, needs, wants and possible options. PayneFitness gathers information to help determine if PayneFitness can help and if it would be a good fit.

  • Get a Program Proposal

    After the initial meeting, evaluation and determining if PayneFitness can help your organization, PayneFitness will put a Program Proposal together with all of the details on paper and submit.

  • Decide on Proposal Acceptance

    Your organization reviews and decides if the proposal plan is acceptable with or without modifications.

  • Begin Evaluations, Meet and Greets and Program Preparations

    Begin the process of evaluating the employees to assist with developing their program. Hold kickoff meetings, enrollment and other preparation task.

  • Initiate Program Pilot

    It's a good idea to start with a pilot program. In this way, the organization has time to determine how participants respond. After one or two months, Paynefitness has a status meeting with Management and the Wellness committee to review how the program is going.

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