What is PayneFitness Group Fitness Training?

PayneFitness Group Fitness Training is a fitness training program with the specific focus of instructing and motivating participants with varied exercise to promote permanant fat reduction, muscle maintainence/building and most importantly, improving HEALTH and avoiding preventable, onset disease. Participants attend daily group training sessions which can consist of 4 to 10 other participants at the PayneFitness training facility. The training facility is a large, private setting with varied commercial strength equipment and space to support execution of many different exercises.

Is PayneFitness "Group" Fitness Training For You?

Studies indicate that fitness instruction and guidance is all positive and increases your chances of success. If you are a person that likes or needs private fitness instruction to ensure the most efficient, long term exercise, then perhaps PayneFitness Group Fitness Training is for you. This is NOT a bootcamp structured type of class. Everyone participating has exercise prescriptions in accordance with their current states of fitness and capability. For example, some people are NOT too fond of lots of jumping, some are. People that don't mind jumping may have routines for jumping, those that are not or cannot will have another movement to execute. In PayneFitness Group fitness training you have a fitness trainer divided by that number of participants for that day in a private gym to yourselves.

Some Things to Help You Consider if Payne's Group Fitness Training is for you:

  • Maybe you cant or wont spend for 1 on 1 personal fitness training. There is no question that 1 on 1 personal fitness training is the most effective, expediant way to improve health and fitness. However, PayneFitness group fitness training is an option that is effective and more affordable. In group fitness training, you still get personal attention and instruction and the option of training more frequently. Frequent, vigorous exercise is essential to expedite improvements.

  • Maybe you are having difficulties getting and keeping a Consistent Workout Partner? This program will eliminate this problem and make a substantial difference for you to consistently and efficiently exercise for fat reduction and health improvements. In this program, your fitness professional and some comrades within the group are ALWAYS there. It's important to note that there is a HUGE difference from going to a gym with a buddy and going to this class in which your are ENSURED a good workout EVERYTIME!

  • Maybe you are not getting desired results. Besides nutritional compliance, issues with intensity, types of exercise and frequent infrequency are some of the culprits that prevent people from attaining desired results. These are issues that we repair within the PayneFitness Group Fitness Training program. If you need or want to improve, there is absolutely no question that working with a professional WILL make the difference.

What will You Get In PayneFitness "Group" Fitness Training?

  • The guidance and personal attention of a dedicated, seasoned fitness professional that has been helping people reduce fat, keep/build muscle and improve heart health for 7 Years. In addition, the PayneFitness site was built and structured to execute group fitness training. It's a very special and unique facility.

  • Exercise prescriptions specifically created for YOU! Everyone has a different physical capability and willingness....Just because you have a previous injury, it does not mean that you cannot push to your "anaerobic" threshold. Some people are sprinters some people are not. This is not a bootcamp environment. This is private personal group fitness training. However, the common goal is to get rid of fat, build/keep muscle & improve heart health

  • Exercise frequency Option! It's no secret that most people do not EXERCISE ENOUGH or APPROPRIATELY. Within this program you can attend every weekday if you choose to. Maybe some weeks you make it 2 times. Maybe on the subsequent week you workout 5 times..

  • Comradre, Accountability & Motivation It helps to workout within a environment in which a person is comfortable with. Everyone has a different comfort level. If the PayneFitness group fitness program is for you, then you build a comradre with other people that exercise at PayneFitness. When or if you skip workouts, you will be help accountable by PayneFitness. This is very helpful due to the fact that its easy to find a reason to skip your workout. PayneFitness will provide you with motivation and education to keep you on track.

How to Get Started in the PayneFitness Group Fitness Program

  • The best way is to drop in at PayneFitness any weeknight between 6:45 and 8pm to see the facility and meet your future fitness professional for yourself. This will help you determine if this is a program for you.

  • Phone or Email PayneFitness to setup an initial consultation.

  • Other Training session times coming soon, or Get your own Group If you are not available at 7pm on weeknights, maybe you are interested in a time that adheres to your schedule.

  • This can serve as the exercise aspect of your company wellness program! If your company is near the PayneFitness facility and your company is interested in corporate wellness, this may be a superior option for you and your company. Contact or Visit Paynefitness for more information.

Group Fitness Training at PayneFitness Rate:

Group Fitness Training | Monday - Friday 7pm - 8pm
Monthly Rate $150