What's the Objective of PayneFitness Nutrition Coaching?

The objective of PayneFitness Nutrition Coaching is to help you with and teach you the Nutritional aspect of:

  • Permanently Reducing and Losing Weight of Body Fat

  • Maintaining and Building Lean Body Muscle

  • Improving Health Vitals and Increasing Insulin Sensitivity

Who Can Benefit from Fitness Nutrition Coaching?

  • Anyone Interested in Losing Weight of Fat & Improving Body Fat Percentage

  • Anyone that has struggled with "yo-yo" & "dumb" diets

  • Anyone interested in increasing muscle tone & sculpting

  • Anyone interested in avoiding preventable, onset disease's such as type 2 diabetes

To Start it's Essential to Understand:

  • That Reducing Weight of body FAT is NOT easy. It requires a 500-1500 daily calorie deficit to reduce 1 to 3 lbs of fat in a week. However, when the deficit goes beyond 1500-2000 calories per day and/or when your glucose runs low, your body will resort to eating muscle as opposed to burning fat. It is difficult to burn/reduce weight of fat on a nutrition ONLY program. That's to say you have to exercise in conjunction with a nutrition plan

  • That Reducing Weight of MUSCLE is an enemy, it can cause you to get fatter faster! Muscle reduction primary occurs as a result of starvation diets. For some(probably not you) it could happen from too much exercise and not enough food. Muscle reduction slows your metabolic rate, makes you softer and can lead to cellular deterioration.

  • That Gaining/Storing Weight of FAT is REALLY Easy and Happens Quickly! There is a serious abundance of carbohydrates all around us. Yes, they taste good, they can be sweet, salty or comforting. But, every single time you consume too many grams of carbohydrates you WILL store body fat within an hour. You MUST learn and adhere to how many grams of carbs you get before the excess get stored away in your fat cells.

  • That Gaining Weight of MUSCLE is challenging, but the BEST bang for the Buck!
    Muscle loss is equal to aging and deterioration. Your cells deteriorate, your metabolism slows and you get weaker, all over. The good news is that at any age, with resistance training and nutrition habits most any one can maintain/preferably build muscle.

The 4 Rules of Fitness Nutrition to Reduce Fat & Keep Muscle!

  1. Eat Every 3 to 4 Hours Hungry or Not! Why? Because even after a perfect meal, within 4 hours, your blood glucose levels will drop below 80 milligrams per deciliter which, will cause your system to eat/convert your OWN muscle into energy for survival.

  2. Every time you eat a Carbohydrate, make sure you eat it with Protein Why? Carbohydrates are easily digested meaning that your blood glucose levels spike, which leads to acute storage of the excess glucose into your fat cells.

  3. Memorize Exchanges: Protein=7grams, Fat=5grams, Carbohyrdrates=15grams AND memorize YOUR pattern and how many you get. Why? If your looking to improve you need the ability to quantify and time your consumption of the macronutritients.

  4. When choosing Carbohydrates, avoid anything where the sugar content is greater than 20% of the total carbs. In other words avoid carbs that are high in sugar. Why? This aspect is also known as the "glycemic" index. It means that foods that are high in sugar are digested even faster than lower sugar carbs.

What Will You Learn and Get From Fitness Nutrition Coaching?

"Fitness Nutrition 101 Seminar" With our Certified Fitness Nutritionist. Some Things you will Learn:

  • About Human Digestion, Transportation and Absorption. What happens after you eat? How does food get absorbed into your cells and tissues? Learn how and when your food gets converted to and used for energy.

  • About managing your Acute Blood Glucose levels. Learn why this is important as it affects your fat storage/reduction, muscle reduction/maintenance & procurement. Your acute blood glucose also determines your current levels of energy.

  • How to Identify Carbohyrdates, Proteins and Fat. To successfully improve your body fat percentage, weight and health it is essential that you can successfully id these macronutrients

  • How to Count Grams of Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats. You need to learn how to read labels and quantify grams of carbs, proteins and fats regardless to if cooking at home, at the grocery store or eating out. If you are NOT counting/quantifying your macronutrient intake the odds of improving are a crapshoot at best.

  • Learn how Carbs, Proteins and Fats Digest and Effect you differently and why it Matters! Each of the 3 energy yielding macronutrients digest and have different affects on your acute blood glucose levels. Yes, calories in .vs calories out are important, but not as important as managing glucose levels which is incumbent on the difference of calories of grams of carbohydrates .vs grams of protein .vs grams of fat.

  • About Insulin, how it works and why INSULIN sensitivity is important! Upon learning how insulin integrates with your digestion and glucose absorption you will have tremendous POWER in managing your Nutritional destiny! Type 2 diabetes is also known as "insulin resistance" Top notch body builders and fitness competitors know about insulin sensitivity as it affects there livelihoods.

Nutritional Assessment With our Certified Fitness Nutritionist:

  • Test Your Body Fat Percentage Your current state of physical fitness and future meal planning is dependant on your body fat percentage as opposed to your body weight. Ie: A person that weighs 200lbs with 20% body fats burns more that a 200lb person with 30% body fat.

  • Calculate Your TEE, your TOTAL ENERGY EXPENDITURE To accurately calculate a persons meal plan, we must 1st predict how many calories they are burning on a daily basis. Without knowing this a persons meal planning is a crapshoot at best.

Create Initial Meal Plan With our Certified Fitness Nutritionist:

  • Create meal plan in accordance with your schedule, taste and goals

  • Teach you how to "Exchange" and Count Quantities of Carbohyrdate, Proteins and Fats

  • Instruction for use of your Meal Planning, counting and Tracking Software

Follow up and Check Progress With our Certified Fitness Nutritionist:

  • Progress Checkup, Re-Test Body Fat Percentage after 1 week, 2 weeks or 1 month

  • Body Fat Reduced? Muscle Maintained? Then you are on TARGET! Great Work!

  • If no progress, check for compliance. If compliant, adjust meal plan, macronutrient quantities

  • If non-compliant, we work with each other to improve your compliancy habits

  • Repeat until you are consistently improving, which is when you will be self-sufficient

Fitness Nutrition Coaching Package Options and Rates:

Package A:

1 "Fitness Nutrition 101" Seminar, Assessment & Meal Planning (1.5 hrs)

3 "Follow-up Sessions" Progress Tracking & Adjustments if Needed (1/2 hr each)

1 Use & Access to Nutrition & Meal Planning/Counting Software($100 value)
Package Price $150
Package B:

1 "Fitness Nutrition 101" Seminar, Assessment & Meal Planning (1.5 hrs)

5 "Follow-up Sessions" Progress Tracking & Adjustments if Needed (1/2 hr each)

1 Use & Access to Nutrition & Meal Planning/Counting Software($100 value)
Package Price $200
5 Follow Up Sessions: For Existing Clients:

"Follow-up Sessions" Progress Tracking, Adjustments & re-iteration (1/2 hr each)
Package Price $125