What is Personal & Tandem Personal Fitness Training?

Personal & Tandem training can be many different things depending on the client, which is what makes it personal. You can choose to workout with your fitness trainer as often as five times per week for maximum results but most clients choose to workout with their fitness trainer one to three times per week. You can choose 1 on 1 fitness training or tandem/partner fitness training. Tandem training is a great way to get fitter and look better with a spouse or a good friend.

Personal fitness training can be different for clients due to their current fitness levels and fitness/health improvement goals. For example, a client in their 50's that has been away from exercise for awhile will have an interest and need to improve their health. A 20 something college athlete would have an exercise routine to improve endurance, speed and agility.

Is Personal/Tandem Personal Fitness Training for You?

Studies indicate that 75% of people that exercise are not getting desired results. But, out of the 25% of people that are getting results 90% of those people are working with a fitness trainer.

  • Are you just getting started with your fitness goals? The idea of entering a exercise facility and starting an exercise program can be tough, challenging and intimidating. Attempting to learn the variances of equipment, moves, and order of exercise can be confusing. Your Paynefitness trainer will provide you with the guidance, instruction, motivation and education to ensure that you establish productive, efficient exercise patterns from the very beginning.

  • Not getting results? Many people that attempt to execute an exercise program on their own struggle to procure desired results. This can be caused by lack of intensity and improper, inefficient exercise presciptions. Your PayneFitness trainer can repair this by ensuring that you execute appropriate exercise prescriptions and make sure that you work into YOUR specific anaerobic threshold. Your PayneFitness trainer will be the difference from great workouts and bogus workouts. There is a difference from going to the gym and getting a good workout.

  • Having difficulty sticking to it? Consistently Inconsistent? This is a common problem for many people. Studies indicate that eighty percent of people abandon their exercise program after 2-3 months. Vigorous exercise needs to be a lifestyle for the best results to take affect. With the assistance of your PayneFitness trainer, it can be different this time. When you schedule your fitness training appointments, you will make a commitment to yourself! You will ensure that whichever challenges that family, work and life present, you will still maintain and keep your workouts going.

  • Suffering from an injury? Injury can set an exercise program back at any level. But, just because one has an injury or certain conditions it's not a valid excuse to ignore your exercise and kick the can down the road. Your Paynefitness trainer will work in conjunction with your health care professional to create and execute exercise prescriptions that are in accordance with your injury or condition.

Personal Training is Key to Results - Here's Why

  • We will get you through the initial stage for improvement! Its a fact that ~80% of people that start an exercise program drop out during the first two to three months. Though sad but true its rare that people independently achieve success within this realm. How many people do you know that have started an exercise program and have consistently done it or are still doing it 8 months later? It is essential to accomplish the initial months of exercise to learn and move to the next stage.

  • We will raise your education level and familiarize you will exercise nomenclature. Many people struggle because they dont have the knowledge and understand exercise practices. Without this knowledge a person can spend time barking up the wrong tree. You need to have the "big picture" strategy to ensure success. You need to learn about repititions, types of training and how to combine and separate muscle building and fat burning.

  • Even without 100% nutritional compliance, your heart health improves! It's important to note that nutritional compliance is important to achieve better looks. But, even in the scenario of "messing" up daily on nutrition(which many do) you will still procure heart health improvements. The exercise alone WILL improve blood flow, heart health and insulin response, ALL essential to improved health.

  • PayneFitness is where you do your "heavy lifting" and "anaerobic" threshold work! It's very seldom that people exercise too much or overtrain. In the PayneFitness personal/tandem training, every workout pushes you to your anaerobic threshold. When you execute your workouts away from PayneFitness, you can add to the fat burning with aerobic, less difficult exercising for extra credit and expedite your results.

Nutritional Compliance Increases and Expedites Results!

For the most part, vigorous exercise will make your heart and supporting systems healthier. However, the degree to which someone achieves better looks is incumbent on nutritional compliance. For example, if a during a workout session a person exercises to promote muscle gains and fat reduction, then they go and store fat and reduce muscle between workouts improved looks can be more difficult to achieve in a short time frame. Exercise can be tough but nutritional compliance is a 24/7 job! Education and awareness of human digestion is required to avoid setbacks between workouts. Click HERE for more information about the PayneFitness Nutrition Coaching program to help in regard to the nutritional aspect and avoid messups between workouts. The nutrition coaching is also essential with regard to "nutritional" accountability.

How to Start Personal or Tandem Fitness Training at PayneFitness

  • Call, Email, or Visit PayneFitness to Schedule a Free Initial Consultation and Workout

  • Come Down to the PayneFitness Facility for your Free Consultation and Workout

  • Set Dates for Training Sessions, Start Exercising and Track Progress!

Personal & Tandem Fitness Training Rates at PayneFitness:

1 one 1 Personal Fitness Training Package Price Per Session Price
10 One Hour Sessions $475 $47.50

Partner/Tandem Fitness Training Package Price Price Per Session Price Per Person/Session
10 One Hour Sessions $600 $65 $32.5

At PayneFitness Get a Good Workout, Increase Education & Have Fun!

For many, environement and personalities count. Granted everyone has different environmental choices. Some people may enjoy personal training in a loud, crowded with strangers, big box place and others prefer more of a quaint place where everybody knows your name. Once you walk through the door, you are ensured to have a good workout, but we can still crack a joke sometimes, you can enjoy good music and enjoy the comradre of others. Everyone has good and bad days at work or at home, but when you get to PayneFitness you can practically check your brain or issues at the door, focus on fitness, have fun and feel REALLy good once your workout is complete.